Update of the list of devices (november 2020)

As part of our research work on surveillance devices placed by cops, we publish a list of found surveillance devices. The list hadn’t been updated since october 2019. It is now up-to-date with recent findings of devices and can be downloaded here. Specifically, documentation was added on :

  • A GPS tracker found on a car in Greece, in august 2019.
  • A GPS tracker found on a motorbike in Athens, Greece, in october 2019.
  • Microphones found in a building in Pisa, Italy, in january 2020.
  • Microphones found in a house in Follonica, Italy, in february 2020.

As stated in our call for contributions, we try to focus on surveillance carried out by intelligence agencies and political police against individuals or groups doing subversive actions. If you wish to contribute informations, documentation, translations, or you are simply interested in the subject, you can contact us.

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