Two GPS trackers found under a vehicle in Berlin (Germany)


Two GPS trackers were found under a vehicle in Berlin, Germany (the second one was found a few days after the first one was found and removed). They were attached with strong magnets in a hollow space between the plastic covering of the bumper and the body, precisely behind the left rear wheel. Each tracker consisted of two metal cases connected by a cable. The first one contained a battery pack, and the second one the tracker itself, including a smaller battery, two antennas, and a SIM card.

The pictures of the device show that a tracker of model NavKos T, marketed by the german company DESAG Telematic, was part of the device. This suggests that the device was supplied by the german company DESAG Telematic.

The case has been added to our list of surveillance devices, which can be downloaded here.

Here are pictures of the devices found:

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