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The Ears and the Eyes (and the GPS trackers)

The States, according to their role of repression of individuals and groups doing subversive actions, put in place ways of keeping those individuals and groups under surveillance. It seems that some of this surveillance is done through the hiding of surveillance devices in the spaces we live in.

These devices take different forms : microphones, cameras, geolocation devices. Targeted spaces can be all the spaces we go through : buildings, vehicles, public space. These practices are sometimes legal, authorized by a judge for example, and sometimes not, done illegally by intelligence agencies.


We noticed the lack of information available around us concerning this kind of surveillance. What is the real use of these devices by intelligence agencies? Which kind of devices are used? In which contexts? How efficiently? What can we do to oppose this kind of surveillance?

We want to gather informations about this subject. We want to focus on surveillance carried out by intelligence agencies and political police against individuals or groups doing subversive actions. Also, we limit ourselves to the study of physical surveillance devices hidden in the spaces inhabited by the surveilled individuals and groups (so we won’t talk about other kind of surveillance such as shadowing, phone-tapping and Internet surveillance).

What you will find on this website

Regularly, hidden surveillance devices are found in squats, activist spaces, vehicles, homes, or outside during public events. Sometimes these findings are made public on the Internet. We try to follow the news, and we publish these discoveries on the articles section of our website. We also publish an overview of surveillance devices and a list of found surveillance devices, which contains around 90 examples of devices found around the world since 1988.

When cops decide to spy on us using surveillance devices, they need to get the devices from somewhere. It seems that they often buy these devices from private companies. The companies that manufacture and market surveillance-related products and services to law enforcement agencies, governments, and armed forces, form what we call the surveillance industry. We publish a few resources about this industry, including a list of companies that sell physical surveillance devices designed to be hidden in spaces to law enforcement agencies.

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