Microphones found in Follonica (Italy)

(translated from the french translation at https://attaque.noblogs.org/post/2020/02/18/follonica-italie-les-murs-aussi-ont-des-oreilles)

For about two years now, well-known spies have been listening without scruples to our daily life and privacy. We found four bugs, one in each room, at our home in Follonica. Each bug had a SIM chip and a memory card. The bugs were connected directly to the electrical system of the house, by means of a transformer and a battery.
We learned that the cops were supposed to put a camera in there as well, but they couldn’t put it in because it was difficult to hide it.

The State tries to get the idea that we are always being watched and controlled, as if they understood, through the keyhole, how we live, what we think, and what we desire. But they will never understand the complexity of our existences, maybe they would just manage to perceive what they already expect or what they want to hear, just by drawing their miserable interpretations from it.
What we feel can never be captured by cold transcripts in police files. Our passions will always remain incomprehensible to their ears.

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