A few informations from a brochure on the french intelligence community

A brochure about the french State intelligence services was recently published on the Internet. Below you will find a link to the article announcing its publication, as well as links to download the brochure, in english and french.

This brochure provides some information about the subject we are interested in. It is composed of articles from the IntelligenceOnline website. It includes in particular (the page numbers match the english version of the brochure) :

  • On pages 10, an article from 2017 about french cops ordering surveillance devices, including spy cameras.
  • On page 22-23, an article from 2011 about an audio surveillance device disguised as a credit card and supplied to the ministry of the Interior by the company Nagra.
  • On page 23, an article from 2012 about an agreement between french cops and several companies in the surveillance industry to supply surveillance devices. The companies mentioned are LJM Tech Support, BEA, FGH Security, Spectronic, Syans, Covidence, GTS Services, Opto Vision and General Security Service (the latter seems to correspond to the company GSSI).
  • On pages 28-29, an article from 2018 about the new GPS devices used by french cops, and the companies that supply them. The companies mentioned are Track Cars, Photospace, Point Core and Stancom.

Note that six of the companies mentioned in the brochure (Nagra, Opto Vision, Track Cars, Photospace, Point Core and Stancom) are not present in our list of companies and would deserve to be added to it. By the way, all contributions to our website are welcome, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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