Update of the list of devices (april 2021)

As part of our research work on surveillance devices placed by cops, we publish a list of found surveillance devices. The list hadn’t been updated since november 2020. It is now up-to-date with recent findings of devices. Also, it is now available in two versions, one with pictures of the devices directly embedded in the list and one without pictures. The pictures are still available in a high resolution format in a separate archive file. Everything can be downloaded here.

Documentation was added on :

  • A hidden surveillance camera found in Pisa (Italy), in may 2012
  • Surveillance devices used to surveil Julian Assange, founder of the news organisation Wikileaks, in the equadorian embassy in London (United Kingdom) from 2015 to april 2018
  • Outdoor surveillance cameras found in the “ZAD du Carnet” (France), in august 2020
  • A GPS tracker and a microphone found in a car in Berlin (Germany) in november 2020
  • A GPS tracker found under a car in Besançon (France) in march 2021

If you wish to contribute informations, documentation, translations, or you are simply interested in the subject, you can contact us.

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