Nautics Group

Official websites :,
Canada office : Nautics Technical Surveillance Corporation, Unit 2220 / 1658 Bedford Hwy, Bedford, B4A 2X9, NS, Canada
Advanced Tactical Resources address : The Old Barracks, Goring Heath, Reading, RG8 7RU, United Kingdom

Legal status : Multinational company. They market surveillance-related products under the name Geonautics. They market their products in the United Kingdom through their british subsidiary Advanced Tactical Resources.
Clients : Law enforcement agencies, governments and the military (according to their websites).
Products : Audio and tracking surveillance devices. Their websites do not give any details about their products.

Their 2020 catalog as well as additional technical specifications from 2020 were published in 2022 by the collective DDoSecrets.

A catalog dated from 2012 describes the covert surveillance devices marketed by Nautics Group under the name Geonautics. Other documents that describe specific products (some already present in the catalog) are linked below.

The audio surveillance devices they market include :

  • Audio recorders hidden in everyday objects, able to record audio and store the recordings on an internal memory. They are powered by batteries. They can be hidden inside a key fob, a cigarette lighter, a watch, a portable speaker, or a car USB charger. They also market separately the audio recorder hidden in the objects, called Dingo.
  • An audio recorder called Bilby able to transmit the recordings over radio frequencies.
  • An audio recorder called Wallaby able to transmit the recordings over the GSM/CDMA cellular networks.

The tracking surveillance devices they market include :

  • A device called Wombat able obtain its own position using GPS and store the location data on an internal memory.
  • A device called Possum able to obtain its own position using GPS and transmit the location data on the LTE/4G cellular networks.
  • A device called Koala able to obtain its own position using GPS or GLONASS (an alternative to GPS) and record audio, and transmit the recorded location and audio data on the 3G cellular network.