DYPLEX Communications

Official website : dyplex.com
Address : 107 Woodbine Downs Blvd, Unit 6, Toronto, ON, Canada M9W 6Y1
Phone : 416-675-2002
Fax : 416-675-1822

Legal status : Canadian company founded in 1983.
Clients : Law enforcement agencies and the military. According to the about page on their website, “[their] customer base is comprised of approximately 90% public safety, federal agency groups, military”.
Products : Audio and video surveillance devices. On their website, one page lists the covert video transmitters they market, and another lists the cameras they market, including covert cameras. The lists include incomplete technical specifications of the devices. According to their suppliers pages, they distribute devices marketed by other companies, such as Commesh, Covidence, Gedion, Innova, MetOcean Telematics, Seartech, Seven Technologies Group, Sonic Communications, Timespace Technology, and WireOnAir.