Official website :
Address : 2-ya Khutorskaya Str., 38A-1, office 614, Moscow, 127287, Russia
Phone : +7 (495) 223-22-05
Email :,

Legal status : Russian company founded in 1992.
Clients : Law enforcement agencies. According to their website about page, “[their] primary customers are law enforcement agencies” and “the company is licensed to manufacture weapons and military products by the Federal Security Bureau (FSB) and by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation”.
Products : Audio and video surveillance systems, according to their about page. Their website does not list their covert surveillance products. They work with the company Ammertex based in Singapore, as shown on our page dedicated to Ammertex.

A presentation document used by the french company LJM Tech Support at the 2013 conference of the Espionage Research Institute International (ERII) describes on pages 3-15 an audio surveillance system manufactured by SET-1 that includes a covert audio transmitter.