Official website :
Address : 3828 Creekside Ln, Ste 2, Holmen, WI 54636, United States
Phone : 608.781.6064
Fax : 608.779.1344
Email :,

Legal status : Company based in the United States, founded in 2002.
Clients : Law enforcement agencies (according to their website).
Products : Video surveillance devices. A page on their website lists the video surveillance devices they market, including technical specifications and pictures. Their cameras are specialized in capturing vehicles license plates and in using infrared technology to “see in the dark”.

Found devices : A RECONYX camera was found in september 2018 in France, at an event organized in support of a struggle against a project of nuclear waste burrying center. The camera was hidden outside, attached on a tree trunk along a pathway leading to the event place. It was probably placed by french cops.