Official website :
Address : 35 rue Santos Dumont, 75015 Paris, France
Email :

Legal status : French company.
Clients : Law enforcement agencies and governments (according to their website).
Products : Audio surveillance devices. Their website doesn’t give any details about their products.

Several available documents, dated from 2017 and 2018, describe the surveillance devices they market, including technical specifications and pictures. These documents are linked below.

The audio surveillance devices they market include :

  • Devices called AGT 030 and AGT 150 able to record audio and store the recorded data on an internal memory, or transmit it on the 2G/3G cellular networks. They can be powered by a battery or connected to a building or vehicle electrical system. Their internal sensors allow them to only record when noise or movement are detected.
  • A device called DAR 600 able to record audio and store the recorded data on an internal memory. It can be equipped with up to four microphones, which allows to only record sound coming from a specific region of space around the device.

They also market a device called CIS 2300 able to intercept Wi-Fi communications and record the intercepted data. It can also tamper with the Wi-Fi communications to create fake web pages and obtain credentials of the users of a Wi-Fi network, or inject malware into their computers. The device can be controlled remotely using the 3G/4G cellular networks.