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Address : Via Santorelli, 8, 10095 Grugliasco (TO), Italy
Phone : +39 011 3285311
Fax : +39 011 3285312
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Legal status : Italian company founded in 1993.
Clients : Law enforcement agencies and governments (according to their website).
Products : Large range of surveillance systems, including audio surveillance systems, GPS trackers, and a surveillance device hidden inside a computer keyboard.

Two documents concerning BEA were leaked in the Spy Files (a large collection of documents leaked from 2011 to 2014 by Wikileaks) : their 2008 catalog and an advertisment leaflet from 2011. Their 2008 catalog includes :

  • Audio surveillance systems and GPS trackers. Depending on the products, the collected data (audio or location data) can be transmitted over radio frequencies or on the GSM network. One product is also able to transmit data on the Thuraya satellite network (which covers 161 countries over Europe, Africa and Asia) when the GSM network isn’t available.
  • A device called “QUAD FINDER” that connects to the GSM network in order to obtain its own position using the identifiers of the base stations it connects to, and then transmit the collected positions using SMS. It is interesting to note that this device can be used to locate a moving vehicle using the GSM network instead of GPS.
  • A device called “BE24” that can be installed inside a computer keyboard to capture everything that is typed on the keyboard. The collected data can be either stored in the device to be retrieved later, or transmitted over radio frequencies. Another device can be used in addition to the “BE24” device to receive the data on radio frequencies and transmit it on the GSM network.